Attractive Incentive and Loyalty Programs

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Innovative incentive solutions to increase customer retention and employee satisfaction for maximum business success.

Sustainable business success demands engaging your customers and your employees. Wirecard’s incentive and loyalty programs are rooted in decades of experience, leveraging innovative strategies and optimized payment processes to boost customer retention and employee satisfaction. Wirecard provides a wide range of incentive payment solutions that enable you to achieve or exceed your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Working in conjunction with your existing business goals and strategies, Wirecard develops cost-effective, compliant payment systems and reward programs that integrate seamlessly into your current systems. Wirecard works with you from the beginning to maximize efficiency and solve your incentive payment needs.


  • Increased customer retention and employee satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and efficient processes
  • Convenient payments via Mastercard or Visa prepaid card, virtual card
  • Seamless integration into current systems

Consumer Incentives Suite

Driving and rewarding key consumer behavior optimizes your revenues, sales efforts, and marketing objectives. The Wirecard Consumer Incentive Suite offers virtual and standard payment cards that offer rewards for desired consumer behavior. Our programs and the technology that drives them have been developed over decades to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. With the Consumer Incentive Suite from Wirecard, you can improve customer loyalty, reward behavior, and set up an attractive incentive program to establish lasting connections between your target customers and your business.

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Sales Incentives Suite

An innovative business idea and high customer retention are vital to any company’s success, but it’s your sales force that communicates your brand values and messages to your audience. The more motivated and satisfied they are, the more likely you are to achieve your business goals. To make key milestones during the sales phase more tangible and to reward your staff’s commitment and performance, Wirecard supports you with the comprehensive Sales Incentive Suite, which couples reliable virtual and standard payment cards with compliant, tech-driven systems.

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Employee Rewards Suite

Customer retention and loyalty are not the only factors in achieving your business objectives. A company is built on the contribution of its employees. To encourage their loyalty and boost their commitment every day, Wirecard offers the Employee Rewards Suite. This product suite offers payment systems and strategies for employee recognition and incentive and rewards programs backed by expertise in compliance regulations and cutting-edge technologies. Wirecard develops efficient and cost-effective systems that achieve maximum impact in line with your goals.

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