Modern Solutions for Reimbursements

State-of-the-art technologies for optimizing the disbursement of funds to the proper party.

Whether you’re issuing a credit balance refund, a settlement owed to a litigant, a deposit returned to a tenant, or an insurance payment made to a policyholder – the suites that make up Wirecard’s disbursement issuing portfolio can help you to lower operating costs, maintain compliance with complex regulations, and create the best possible experience for your payees. Wirecard offers numerous options that enable the refund or payment of funds to be carried out through payment card, virtual card, by transfer, and more. With its variety of disbursement solutions, Wirecard offers cutting-edge technologies that make time-consuming, costly processes for the refund, payment, or transfer of funds a thing of the past.

The experts at Wirecard leverage decades of experience to develop and implement end-to-end technologies for the direct refund of payments with maximum efficiency. For corporations seeking to optimize the credit balance refund process, insurers looking to make compliant payment to policyholders, third-party aggregators paying settlements, property managers reimbursing renter deposits, or others – our payment options can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and structures, allowing businesses to eliminate check payments and save money with every disbursement while providing the best experience to payees.


  • Increased customer satisfaction through efficient disbursement processes
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to digital disbursement solutions
  • Immediately available disbursement amounts thanks to real-time refunds
  • Multilingual customer support with 24-hour service
  • Seamless integration into current systems

Refunds Suite

Reduce liabilities for your customers and increase the satisfaction of your payees by digitizing all of your refund processes. Wirecard offers the latest payment solutions that will efficiently and effectively help you to make all of your disbursement processes compliant and secure. With the Refunds Suite, you can settle payment obligations rapidly, while reducing costs and assuring regulatory compliance. Wirecard offers a complete solution suite tailored to your specific requirements that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing structures.

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Deposit Return Suite

For those in the world of accounts payable, the time-consuming process of refunding deposits or other securities by check has been the only option. The Wirecard Deposit Return Suite leverages advanced payment methods and technology to eliminate the cost of issuing checks, increase operational efficiency, and keep payments compliant. In order to more effectively disburse funds, our suites offer a choice of digital payment options for your payees, eliminating barriers such as bad addresses. Wirecard takes on the responsibility of making these payments in compliance with regulations.

Insurance Payments Suite

To help you guarantee smooth and secure refunds for your customers and policyholders, Wirecard offers a range of efficient, cost-effective payment solutions. The Wirecard Insurance Payments Suite offers cutting-edge technologies to our partners in the insurance space – in a variety of established payment methods befitting the best interest of the policyholder. Our solutions enable you to issue insurance payments without the expense of writing checks while offering policyholders a choice of payment methods as well as branding opportunities to reinforce awareness of your insurance company. Rounding out the offering, Wirecard ensures compliance and seamless integration with your current systems.

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Legal Settlements Suite

Traditionally, legal settlements have been finalized with checks. Whether you issue customized or virtual prepaid cards or deliver direct disbursements to individuals or customers, you can settle legal disputes quickly and efficiently with Wirecard’s solution. As with other Wirecard offerings, teams dedicated to regulations and implementation ensure compliance and seamless integration into your existing systems. The Legal Settlements Suite enables the rapid, convenient settlement of payment obligations with efficient solutions for the prompt payment, transfer, and disbursement of funds.

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