All in one – optimal payment mix, simple integration, higher conversion.

Conversion rates are an important factor  in determining company growth and are indicative of the customer experience. Intelligent, scalable payment solutions integrated seamlessly into the payment and order process improve customer trust and increase salesboth nationally and internationally. Wirecard offers a wide range of products and services for payment acceptance, customer retention and growth, each tailored to your business model and individual target markets.

With credit card as well as alternative payments, you can offer your customers their preferred payment method and provide them with a seamless purchase experience across all channels. Wirecard is experienced working with business of all sizes and types, across multiple geographies. Whether you want to create a custom experience using our secure, globally consistent APIs or take a streamlined approach using shop plug-ins, we have a solution to fit your business’ needs.


  • Simple and flexible integration of payment solutions into existing IT structures and company processes
  • Comprehensive reporting to ensure maximum transparency and traceability for all payment transactions
  • Maximum security for international electronic transactions including PCI compliance, fraud prevention, and more
  • Expertise to recommend the best payment solutions for your US and global business
  • Dedicated resources to simplify integration and for ongoing support

The right integration option for every business.

Backend REST API (online)

The backend REST API gives merchants complete control over the entire checkout and payment process and is fully PCI compliant. The Payment Processing API meets Representational State Transfer (REST) guidelines and is available both in XML and NVP formats. Merchants are exclusively responsible for the integration.

Payment Page

With Wirecard payment page solutions, you can ensure smooth, secure payment processing for your customers without any technical effort. Various integration options are available, all of which comply with the PCI DSS security standard. For the Hosted Payment Page integration, the customer is directed to a payment page hosted by Wirecard where the payment process is  completed. Embedded Payment Page integration, in which the payment page is displayed as an overlay on the website,ensures a better user experience. The payment page designer tool allows you to create custom professional payment pages in minutes, providing you the opportunity to adapt the checkout experience for each product or consumer group. As for Seamless Payment Page integration, the merchant integrates the payment page directly onto their website and can completely customize the appearance.

Mobile Payment SDK

With the Wirecard Mobile Payment SDK, you can quickly and easily integrate a native payment screen into mobile apps and offer your customers a seamless as well as secure user experience while making payments. In the case of mobile app purchases, the Wirecard Mobile Payment SDK sends a REST call specified by the merchant to the Wirecard payment processing platform via the HTTPS protocol. The transaction is authorized by means of a request signature and the payment is validated. Wirecard Mobile Payment SDK is available for Android and iOS.

Comprehensive reports and analyses

To ensure success, it is important to quickly identify opportunities and risks and act appropriately. Wirecard’s business intelligence solutions offer valuable insights  to help you make the right decisions. Our solution allows you to access comprehensive reports and statistics, evaluate your transactions, and monitor and optimize your risk strategy.. Wirecard’s reporting functions can be individually configured and automated so you can  benefit from maximum transparency with minimal time and effort.

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