Intelligent Payment Solutions
and Rewards Programs

Modern technologies for seamless integration of tailored payment suites and payment processes.

Employee satisfaction and customer retention have a direct impact on your company’s success. To maximize these factors, you need more than just loyalty programs, bonus payments, and customer cards. Our solutions help you to also increase operational efficiency, generate cost savings, and ensure compliance, whether your objective is to reward behavior, efficiently disburse funds, or pay individuals. Wirecard takes on the management of payments so that you can focus on your primary business goals.

Wirecard offers exceptional experience in designing, developing, and implementing payment suites that incorporate management, digital and card payment solutions, and features designed to maximize payee satisfaction. Leveraging decades of expertise, scores of successful programs, and the latest technology, Wirecard provides top-tier issuing solution suites for clients spanning most industries.

Incentive Solutions

Whether you want to inspire, retain, or reward consumer or employee behavior, Wirecard’s incentive programs leverage experience, best practices, and optimal payment systems to motivate and encourage. Wirecard works with you to develop effective strategies that are optimally tailored to your company’s loyalty programs, incentive structures, and corporate objectives. Wirecard’s rewards and loyalty programs are much more than simply bonus payment systems; they provide efficient solutions for the disbursement, refund, or transfer of credit that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.

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Disbursement Solutions

To make disbursements and refunds as efficient and cost-effective as possible, many factors need to be taken into account, such as legal stipulations or regulations. Wirecard develops intelligent, customized disbursement solutions that enable you to return deposits and pay out legal or insurance settlements conveniently and efficiently. Wirecard offers secure and compliant systems, reliable solutions, and innovative technologies to ensure the smooth processing of transactions and the satisfaction of your payees.

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Compensation Solutions

The most important payment process of a company is payroll. Wirecard’s compensation solutions allow you to pay employees efficiently in compliance with all regulations. Whether it’s via virtual or traditional prepaid card solutions, Wirecard develops flexible, efficient payment systems tailored to your payroll needs. With our experience in the field, we understand the sensitive nature of these payments and will work with you to not only design the proper solution but also integrate that solution into your existing systems.

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